Baby Bulbs - For Kids


Meet Bobbin and find out what happens when you leave the room…

Tea Break Theatre’s wordless puppetry adaptation of ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ is not to be missed!

Music, audience interaction and a touch of magic make this a wonderful show designed for under 6s, but suitable for all ages.

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King Arthur & The Inglewood

Deep in the enchanted forest, where supernatural beings abound and the realm of the dead crosses that of the living, King Arthur is set the ultimate challenge, to uncover what it is that women most desire.

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Illuminate Presents... Lightbox

Illuminate also presents LightBox; chilled charity evenings providing a platform for the freshest work from London and beyond. LightBox gives the opportunity for new acts to showcase work for the first time and for established acts to try something different. A mix of the brand new, the work-in-progress & the ready to go giving audiences a taste of the latest theatrical treats. LightBox is an opportunity to sample a range of work in bitesize pieces and experience what Illuminate is all about in one evening

This year we’re boasting everything from live music and dance to comedy and new writing. The multi-bill programme guarantees an exciting evening with all proceeds going to Illuminate’s chosen charities; Alzheimer’s Society and Bloodwise.

Join us at one of our Sunday LightBox nights. Whether you want to support our fantastic line-up of acts bravely taking to the stage or our amazing charities, you won’t regret dropping by!

15th May

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Previous Shows

The Good Person of Szechwan

In a world bereft of goodness, is it possible for one truly good person to survive? Theatrical Niche re-awakens Brecht’s epic tale with Ethereal Puppetry, Physical Theatre and Object Work.

The gods descend in Szechwan – but find that despite her own tragedies only sex worker Shen Teh will risk everything to help them.

Brutality and kindness here collide in a spell-binding calamity of noise and colour.

Suitable for Ages 12+

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Having lunch. One would’ve thought it terribly easy…

A high octane series of musical comedy vignettes chronicling the very rub of contemporary living. From the perils of adequate dog sizing, to ill-fortuned death in Knightsbridge, the woes of Thomas Duke of Clarence, and the travails of a goose called David and a duck called Susan; a veritable treasure chest of song, mirth and that distinct sort of fleeting victory one feels after grasping the last Saucisson-Sec on the charcuterie isle in Clapham Waitrose.

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LEAO & Friends

LEAO are an alt-folk duo consisting of Storm Ballantine and Scott Viney.

With folk and storytelling at its core, LEAO experiment with electronic production, soul riffs and ethereal, a cappella harmonies to create a unique sound.

LEAO are thrilled to return to Illuminate Festival and invite you to an evening of acoustic music in an intimate setting.

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‘Do you know how much your name is worth?’

Told through the perspective of the profiteers to the most vulnerable in our society, Data investigates the Direct Marketing industry in 2016.

From the Off-West End Award nominated writer of the recently acclaimed In/Out (A Feeling) & The Me Plays.

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Every 7 Years

Every Seven Years charts Pam and Ralph’s life-long relationship.

In jumps of seven years, we see them from their first fumblings at 21 through to old age at 84 – from newborns, new jobs, small talk, big fights, and all that life throws at them in between.

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Writer and performer Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe went travelling when she was 20 years old, before she left home someone told her something she never forgot.

Arrival is a journey story that defies convention. If Michael Palin and Sarah Kane were to write a play, this might be it.

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Bishops Grove

Cocky twentysomething, Jack finds himself trapped with peculiar masseuse Sidney. With no one coming to help them the unlikely couple end up questioning their identities, the depravity of life and why Geri really left the spice girls.

All the while, another person is set to go missing in Bishops Grove…

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A powerful and urgent tale of the first line of defence for the NHS.

Resuscitate present a collection of funny and tragic true stories from inside the surgical mask. Follow the paths of six junior doctors as they struggle to balance the pressures of ward work against their personal lives.

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I'm Just Here To Buy Soy Sauce

Who is to blame for the London housing crisis?

Jingan Young’s “I’m Just Here to Buy Soy Sauce” follows two pairs of couples as they attempt to make sense of the world around them. A political rom-com that can fit inside your suitcase.

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My Paper Girlfriend

One Man and His Griff, presents his début show ‘My Paper Girlfriend’ a humorous and poignant tale of a man finding his one true love.

Sometimes love can take you away to a magical place!

A piece of storytelling, told through mime, animation and speech.

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Daniel Piper is in Four Gangs

Daniel Piper is in four gangs, and he’s going to tell you about them.

Daniel Piper is in Four Gangs is the debut comedy/theatre/spoken word/interpretive dance show from writerly comedian and lifelong James Bond fan Daniel Piper, who is in four gangs.

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Tanzen Macht Frei

The Wife of a Commandment of a Concentration camp is throwing a party, sadly there is no champagne. Instead her husband brings her a Young Jewish Ballet dancer from the camp, and both their lives change forever.

The story of how two women who are struggling to survive begins to unfold and we see how “Tanzen kann euch frei Machen”

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Omar & Lee: We Are All Idiots

Omar & Lee are idiots, and so are you…

Join these two goons on an anarchic journey as they aim to prove that we are indeed all idiots. Through sketches, characters and clowning, Omar & Lee invite you to accept the absurd and embrace your inner idiot!

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A closer look at shared living in all its glory, ‘Digs’ explores how human behaviour plays out in the public and private space.

With personal stories at the helm, this explosive devised show asks questions about our perception of ourselves and others – questions of territory, ritual, power and love.

Suitable for Ages 16+

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Ticket Information

Tickets £10 | Concessions £8 | SEE-IT-AGAIN £5

Our popular SEE-IT-AGAIN offer is back by popular demand this year! Simply purchase one full price ticket, and you can buy another for just £5. This is a great deal for those of you that want to see a show for a second time, or are coming along to watch a different show!

(Please note that proof of purchase for a full-price ticket is required for purchase of a SEE-IT-AGAIN ticket).