Every 7 Years

Performance Dates

13th May – 7.45pm

14th May – 2.45pm & 7.45pm

Illuminate Presents: Every 7 Years

Theatre Bench

“After seven there’s always big change. Like in the body. It takes seven years for every cell to replace itself. Every seven years…”

Every Seven Years charts the relationship between Pam from the north east (Charlotte Baker) and Ralph from the south west (Ben Fensome). We see them from their first fumblings at 21 through to old age at 84 – from newborns, new jobs, small talk, big fights, and all that life throws at them in between. Inspired in part by the documentary “7 up”, two actors portray the same characters over 63 years

Ticket Information

Tickets £10 | Concessions £8 | SEE-IT-AGAIN £5

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